“Enjoy the show.” “You, too.”

I am gearing up to go to Monument Valley this next week. Kryon, one of my biggest mentors, will be there along with about 80 other people. I literally cannot wait for all of the stupid things I’m about to say and do.

I am beyond awkward. My spiritual awakening hasn’t helped this, it may have actually contributed to it highly.

I am one of those people that go to the movies and when the ticket taker says “Enjoy the show.” My response is “You, too.” Now obviously I know that he is probably not grabbing popcorn and joining us for the movie, so why is that my response?

I literally cannot leave the house without an “incident” with another human. I always say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. I guess that’s my “thing.” I don’t know why Lee or anyone continues to go out with me in public. It’s a train wreck situation, I guess, and they just can’t look away.

Before I go anywhere or before anyone comes over to my house I mentally try and prepare myself for it by clearing my aura and deep breathing to relax. I envision myself being this calm, peaceful, quiet, intelligent being. Then people show up.

The harder I try not to trip myself up- the harder I fall. Every. Single. Time.

If anyone has advice or just needs a laugh and wants me to keep track of my amazingly awkward moments during the trip, please let me know. Then at least they won’t be for nothing.

If you would like to learn more about Kryon, check out this video on Amazon below!


Have no fear. New energy is here.

I feel that these recent energy waves, specifically one that came through yesterday are extremely significant. Since my awakening some words have taken on a whole new meaning or depth and the word significant is one of them.

Another is absolute. When I say that word it is because I believe that there are no 2 ways about something.

So here’s the thing: reality is changing as we know it. Some of you may not have experienced it yet – but be assured that eventually you absolutely will.

There are varying degrees of the energies activating around people and some are more extreme and obvious than others.

My house is always extremely “lit up” with energy and sensitives who come here can feel it before they even get here and extremely well when they are here.

It drains every battery in and around the house over and over including vehicles. Computers, cameras, phones and anything involving electricity seem to have a mind of their own.

My phone is affected the most with my pictures disappearing almost immediately after I take them and they have for over a year now. The picture will show up for about a half a second and then the colors of it will start sliding sideways on the screen and then it goes grey and you can’t see anything. I’ve changed out my phone 3 times trying to solve this and have finally come to accept it.

My television one day wanted to watch an episode of “Supernatural” while my daughter and I both tried to put on “Mulan” for my granddaughter. The channel would not change. We even turned it off and on again and both of us tried.

The tv has also turned itself on at 3 a.m. with the volume all the way up on an old scary movie.

There are orbs that can be seen on every camera and recording in and around my house.

There are cold spots in the house and times when the heater acts weird and also when my ears ring and buzz louder than usual. I also feel pressure on parts of my body that make no sense.

I’ve had weird things happening to my bank accounts (not good things unfortunately) and other accounts lately that concern me because that’s going too far. Lol. When I call with a problem to any of the companies I hear the same response “This is really weird.” Or “That’s never happened before.”

None of this is said to strike fear. It is meant to be a P.S.A.

It’s so that when things like I speak of happen to you – that you don’t panic or fear it. I went through a traumatic awakening that was the scariest thing I can imagine still to this day. The biggest reason being my lack of knowledge or understanding.

If you can hear and accept the fact that the world has shifted and that you are part of that shift, your transition will hopefully be better than mine.

It’s going to take some time for the full effect of what’s happening to take place and also knowledge of the what, where and why will become available. Until then, have no fear. New energy is here.


Something’s off…


Last week Lee ordered some shower walls for our neighbors bathroom project off a popular stores website. He paid with PayPal and the total for the order came out of his account and we printed off a page that had an order number, date ordered, what the item was and their 800 number to call.

He never received an email confirmation and when he tried to look it up to see when it was coming (initially said 1 weekish) we couldn’t find that particular order. Since ther money came out of his account we didn’t worry too much. A few days later we still had no email or update and we started feeling weird about it. He finally called the 800 number and the order number were recieved was not for the item we ordered and not for us. The store had no record of it whatsoever. He had to call PayPal to reverse the charge and reorder it from another place altogether. It was so weird. But it gets weirder.

I set up automatic payments with a company last month for $100 to come out on auto pay once a month. The day it was supposed to come out I received a letter from the company. Usually I don’t even bother opening the letter because I already know it’s just letting me know that I have an auto draft coming out of my account. For some of reason – I opened the letter. It read all fine and good and everything was correct until I looked at the amount. It said $762.95 was coming out that night and I went into full panic mode. I did NOT ok that amount and when I called they had no idea how that had happened. They were able to stop the payment from coming out but we were all left scratching our heads.

The next day I was supposed to go to ther dentist. I had made the appointment weeks ahead of time for a cleaning and evaluation. I went in and as I was sitting in the lobby I heard the lady behind the desk on the phone say my name and birthdate and she was asking the insurance how often they pay for cleanings. At that moment prior to the call I thought to myself “I don’t want to be here…” and she enough she calls me up to the desk and tells me insurance won’t pay for it so do I want to reschedule? Whatever. It keeps on coming –

The next morning (today) I have an appointment at the vet’s office to get the dogs microchipped. I talked Lee into postponing work to come with me and it’s not that close to our house. We got there 10 minutes early and they had us wait in the waiting room for about 15 minutes before a girl comes and tells us that their office is out of microchips and we would have to come back tomorrow after they got them in.

I had had that appointment scheduled for over a week prior.

Um… universe? Can I get a reset button please? Something is seriously off balance.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s all manageable stuff for the most part – inconvenient would be the best word, but seriously – what is happening?

I’m going to go burn some sage and meditate and pray for a while and see if I can get some answers.