Darkness controls 98% of the Population


I love statistics. Mostly because 82% of statistics are made up on the spot.

But I heard this one today and I am leaning towards agreement, and if not – it seems pretty darn close.

I heard that the darkness holds the power over the minds of 98% of the population.

How does it sit with you? Do you believe that you are within the 2% that hold their own power and who are above the mind control and influence of the darkness?

Do you think for yourself? Are you in control of your mind and do you act in accordance with your own thoughts and feelings?

If you eat too much and eat unhealthy, you are being controlled. If you have addictions or habits of any kind, then you are being controlled. Do you dwell on greed, looks, ego, popularity and vanity? Controlled.

Do you let TV, politics, public opinion, social media or even religion influence you too highly?

Do you fear death, hell or anything else? Controlled.

Unfortunately the control starts in the womb and takes hold of the young and puts its claws in young adults and then has you completely by the time you’ve reached adulthood.

Darkness has set things in motion to where they just sit back and watch as humanity eats whatever they feed it and not only that – begs for more.

If this upsets you or you are in disbelief… dare I say, controlled?

Only those who break free of the darkness’ chains and mind control truly live in the way that the light intended; As a free thinker without fear.

That means – question everything. Don’t allow the negative thoughts that seep into your mind take up residence, seed, grow and fester.

Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by mainstream things or things meant to divide us as a human race.

Know that every single person could break free from the darkness’ hold and that there would be plenty of resources, land and prosperity to go around.

We are fed fear day and night. Don’t buy into it in any form. And please don’t spread it.

Death is a part of life and anything that puts you in fear of that is tricking you. It’s part of what we are here to do.

To live. And to die. Both. They are both beautiful and purposeful and if you live without fear of death, you may be able to rise above the darkness waiting for those in fear at the gates.

Depression, anxiety, addiction, the need for power or control and drifting without purpose… all influenced by the darkness.

You have the option of taking back your power and refusing to be controlled any longer. Think for yourself and don’t be tricked by negative thoughts or outside influences.

You are a very powerful, beautiful and strong light being here with a purpose. Never forget that.

Photo credit: https://www.deviantart.com/muktapa/art/Control-the-hunger-of-darkness-is-not-442243513?fbclid=IwAR1T9_JZBM9MUjQhjo8EcdwGIUh3lUY60rkHLSsmG0nrdfsXLNWgpvKQXr8



We live in such a strange time. Don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing time and true change is coming, but for now, it is just so weird. I noticed a weird thing on instagram the other day; Kim Kardashian got about 2 million likes on a picture of her going to a store. I would imagine that she doesn’t actually know 2 million people, and that number is outrageous. Especially considering that I know roughly a couple hundred people, I think, and I rarely get over 6 likes. Not that I would ever compare myself to a Kardashian, on the contrary I would try not to ever let that occur, but the situation itself did hit me as strange.

I am generous with my likes. Some people probably even think that I stalk them because I like their stuff so much. I just want people to know that, even if I disagree with what they are saying, that I still support them and that I care.

I think it’s so important these days to make sure you show your support, especially since we have so many ways to show support publicly and without very much effort at all.

I mean, as I’m scrolling, it takes only the slightest bit more of an effort to hit the “like” button or double tap something as I go. I know how much it means to me. I’ve heard that children these days live or die by the likes, and that to me, is totally understandable. I mean, this is the world we’ve created for them.

Older generations have a lot to say about these younger generations, and I say, be proud of the people they have become, it’s exactly what we set them up to be. I’m not too worried about the young people though – they’re the ones that will actually end up saving the world. 😉

And I cannot wait for that period in time… but for now I will just continue to hit that like button as much as possible because, why not?

Choose Wisely

I made a major lifestyle change the past few years and I went from using drugs, associating with people who use and having a fairly “poor me”, “life sucks” and “I hate everyone” outlook on life – to waking up and sobering up to the reality that life is exactly what you make it and what you choose to surround yourself with absolutely is your reality.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media, and please know that I wish it was used for better purposes. However, I did notice that when I dropped some of the old “friends” and picked up a whole new set of like minded, positive vibe having and enlightened people – everything changed.

My feed went from hearing bitching and complaining about how hard life is and what a struggle it was along with hate, envy and crude humor – to empowering thoughts and positive sayings and words of hope and kindness.

It makes a world of difference to start out my day reading about how to empower myself, wake up to the reality that I am in control and to feed myself love, compassion and acceptance instead of anger, aggression, depression and hate.

I felt bad about dropping the people for a half of a second because I didn’t want anyone to think that I think I’m better than them or that I don’t like them but I had to do this for myself and my own mentality and well being.

I urge people to do the same. Consider who you keep as a “friend” and for what reason. Consider if people are helping or hurting your situation. Don’t be afraid to let go of the negativity for your own sake. Unfollow their feed if you still want to keep them as a “friend.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love everyone and I can’t wait until some of them wake up and realize how beautiful life truly is and start loving themselves enough to make those hard changes – I just hope they understand that is what I am doing right now.

We are a composition of everything we put in our bodies and that includes what we feed our brain.

Deeply consider that every single thing that you look at, read, watch and speak of – are all creating your reality.

Choose wisely.


**Photo Credit: Jac Vanec; themindsjournal.com