Awakened vs Asleep


What does it mean to be consciously “awakened?” And how do you know if you’re “awake” or “asleep?”

It honestly means different things to different people because we all experience a different version of something that happens to change our perception of the world, ourselves and others.

There are a few key things that come to my mind to differentiate between an awakened, or awakening, person and one who is still “sleeping.”

Sleepers focus on the 3D “matrix” world problems and are usually concerned with things like local and national “news,” politics, politicians, patriotism, country, illegals and protecting their gun rights.

They are actually quite comfortable being “controlled” by the 3d matrix governments and people who pull the strings behind the scenes because it’s what they know and are used to.

They believe that their generations are better than any others and that the newest generations are weak and lazy. They hold on to their ways and speak down about others that they do not understand.

They blame parents for not “kicking enough ass,” when what they don’t realize is that there is a reason for the newest generations and that they are super important, just as good AND – will eventually save the world.

Unfortunately, they do believe and/or feel that a war is at hand – but they are confused, usually by the media, about who (or what) it is we are truly at war with.

When you awaken, all of those things usually fall away because something in your heart softens and something in your mind switches on.

Peace, love, compassion, understanding and concern for things like the environment and animals.

Suddenly you may become concerned with one time use plastics and the ocean and you feel a common link with all of humanity. You may even become compassionate and realize that all other people are humans, (teehee) too, and that we all deserve a life of safety, “freedom” and plenitude of good food and clean water.

You become hyper aware of what you’re putting in your body and you start craving less sugar and processed food and more of organic, natural food.

You start reconsidering your career path and also weighing the options of the people and places you surround yourself with and put yourself in because the “energy” of it all affects you.

Synchronicities become almost ridiculous. Almost as if they are just showing off.

You may feel a spike in your intuition and even feel “psychic” at times.

You may notice that you can see and/or feel other dimensions around you and you become like the ghost whisperer.

Dreams may become vivid, maybe lucid and sometimes super strange.

You may start to feel more spiritual and reconsider your concept of God and religion.

Maybe you get a massive alien vibe and realize how connected we are to the stars. Then you may stand outside and wait for your alien friends to come and get you… maybe that’s just me.

Please do not get this twisted though… awakened people have a purpose and so do the sleepers. Awakened people must still coordinate to the best of our ability with the 3D matrix and sleepers until something massive changes and either wakes them all up, or…?

If you start hearing things like, “the collective,” “the light,” “warrior,” “star seed” or anything pertaining to these words or subjects, you’re probably in the middle of your awakening.

And if you don’t, then you may be one of the people who are asleep and you will only awaken when you are darned good and ready!!

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Beware the darkness…

I will gladly stand before everyone and say that I was wrong if I am, because that’s not even what matters. Regardless as to whether an event takes place or not, these things I talk about couldn’t hurt. But I do believe an event is coming.

I feel this within every ounce of my being to be not only possible but probable and even better; sooner rather than later.

I see shards of geometric shapes filled with white and blue light lately in my eyes and I feel the pressure of the lower dimensions being forced out of my body and space.

I want to learn the truth about humanity, planet earth and the universe without being deceived and I want to hold my true power back within myself that has been harvested and hidden from me for all of these years.

I want love and compassion to be first and foremost above any other thought or feeling and I want to stand with others who want this and shine God’s true light upon ourselves and the earth.

I want everyone who is feeling a struggle within themselves to recognize that there is a purpose for it. That purpose can be an end to the duality and darkness that they have fought with for so long.

If you choose it. You still have free will.

It is a beautiful ascension from the greed and materialistic, consumerist lifestyle that we have come to know and latch onto.

In these next few days before the equinox I pray that you hydrate, rest, eat healthy and release any darkness, hate or jealousy. Forgive every single person who’s ever wronged you and then forgive yourself. Love your neighbor and love yourself. If you feel a negative thought or judgment about anyone or anything (including yourself) immediately replace it with love and light.

The more you can prepare your body, mind and spirit for this shift the lighter and brighter you will be.

And beware of the darkness’ final and futile attempts to trick you and hurt you. You are stronger than them – plus, you already know the ending…

You win.

Love. Light. Balance. And some more love to you all.

Fluff News is Figuratively Killing Me


Why do I watch it? What purpose does it really serve? I have seen the local news for what it truly is and yet it is still on my television every morning at 6 am for roughly 2 hours replaying it’s 15 minute loop of “fluff” stories (personal interest pieces?), propaganda and guesstimate weather predictions.

This morning I see that there was a 3.4 magnitude earthquake centered in the southern part of the state that I live in. They literally spent 0.4 seconds alerting us to this fact – and if I would have blinked I would have missed it – which I found way more significant than 0.4 seconds worth of news time it received. They promptly moved on to a “heartfelt” story on how a local mother gave birth to her child in the intersection of one of our downtown roads. I’m estimating that that story had 4 minutes worth of content and information given, which, don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and I’m grateful for the miracle that took place… but can I also get 4 minutes worth of time and information about the earthquake that seems to me is significant enough and could be the sign of something more significant to come??

If you are a criminal it is a bragging right to have made it to the local news. Something I don’t think people realize is though, that the criminal they are reading about is just a fellow human and probably at the lowest point in their life when they commit these crimes. The comment sections of the news stories have brought some people I have known that have made the news to thoughts of suicide. And is that the purpose of the comment? To refer to someone who commits a crime in such a negative and hurtful way that they literally want to die? I would hope not. Because that’s a sad state of affairs to want someone to cease to exist because they made very bad choices. The other unfortunate part of this story is that it brands you a criminal for life and thereafter it is very hard to live down the fact that you made mistakes and more than likely were brought to justice and served your time and paid your dues for these mistakes.

After watching “Wag The Dog”, a brilliant Dustin Hoffman flick about how a network teamed up with government essentially “staged” a war for everyone to believe simply by showing fake clips of supposed war and the aftermath on the world news and people ate it up and took it for truth. This, among many other things, has aided my mind in becoming open to the possibility that our televisions are not always trustworthy. I realize it’s a movie but try this for me – Watch it and center your discernment meter on it… I would make bets that something will definitely ring true.

I’m not certain, but I would assume that the people in charge of making the news have most people’s best interest in mind. I would assume. Or maybe HOPE is the correct word here…

My final thought being that there’s got to be a better way to deliver important information to the people in a way that educates and enlightens instead of glorifying and then mentally breaking down criminals and also alerting us to the things going on in the world that truly matter and make a difference in our day to day lives.

Someone figure this one out and implement it for me would you please?

Love, light, compassion and balance to you all.