Mixed Messages


How can we say “Don’t be a bully” and “Don’t be a sissy” in the same breathe?

I hear stories on the news and Facebook – of bullying. I see parents reacting by saying things like “I’d kick that bully kids ass”… umm… ? I’m so confused.

Am I the only one who thinks we are sending our children and everyone else mixed messages?

Suicide and drug overdoses are at an all time high and we are still ok with thinking offensive things are funny and sharing things that encourage hate and violence and yet I don’t think some people even realize that they are doing it.

Either we are accepting of the fact that it’s ok to be different, have emotions and feelings and to reach out and ask for help if we are struggling… or we aren’t.

I just saw a post that was a complaint form, like one you would turn in if you worked for a large company but I believe it was for the Army. It’s one thing to be willingly going into the military and expecting drill sergeant mentality, belittling and degrading and it’s another to just be trying to get through day to day life when you’re suffering.

What I gathered from this post was that it was for someone who was complaining because they have “hurt feelings”. Obviously poking fun and belittling anyone who has an issue and has the nerve to say something about it.

In this day and age of #metoo and all of the depressed youth considering suicide as a better option than speaking out when they have “hurt feelings” it wouldn’t surprise me as to why they wouldn’t want to speak up and speak out.

I was saddened by the post and what it insinuated. But of course I was. I am different than I used to be… my whole life I have made fun of everything and everyone and I honestly now feel terrible about it.

I’m not offended by the post, please take note at the difference. People can say what they want. I was SADDENED at how conflicting these things that people say and share are from what they claim they actually stand for.

People reacted by sharing this post and putting the “thumbs up” and “laughing face” emoji. I just wonder if these are the same people claiming to care about stopping bullying and then suggesting we “kick asses” when one kid bullies another. I’m not sure how that is the answer…

I do feel that there is actually a solution. Raise your children to be compassionate, caring, respectful humans with no need to be offensive or cruel to other humans. Show them by being kind and understanding yourself.

I, for one, have made up my mind to change my mind about feelings and my reaction to when people have them. Especially children. Mixed messages are not helping, in my opinion. Maybe you disagree and think the heartless, demoralizing drill sergeant method – where you refer to everyone as sissys and make fun of people for having feelings is the way to go. I just feel like it is that type of kid who ends up on the news for bullying all of the other kids.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! If you have made it here to this page for any reason, whether it be by chance or otherwise, then you are part of a beautiful thing happening on this planet right now that has been millions of years in the making. There is purpose in our journey. We just have to open our eyes and see what’s really happening behind all of the smoke and mirrors and false truths that we have come to accept for centuries.

Peace is possible and it is coming. We are very much part of that change. By standing together and shining our lights we create a place where darkness can no longer exist and where love, compassion and balance are the “norm”. The wheels are already in motion and all you have to do to play your part is first of all believe it to be possible and then flip that switch and turn that beautiful, brilliant light inside of you on and keep it shining for all to see.

Please don’t wait to see the change… be the change.

My writings are many things… personal, opinions, random, meaningful to me and sometimes it’s just me sharing humorous things to keep us all connected in this crazy place we call “earth”. I will fact check when I can but please feel free to do so and correct me if I am wrong but please remember this is mostly opinion, perception and observation. Not meant to stand up in a court of law by any means 😉 So please just take it at face value. Nothing is meant to be offensive and please if you find yourself being offended… first of all please ask yourself why. Maybe take a step back and realize that there are so many different sides to a story and so many views of the same sun, moon and stars, depending on from where you stand. After that please feel free to not read it if you are still offended. I am highly opinionated and rarely mince words about things but I am also extremely open to new ideas and suggestions and I know what it means to turn that knob in your brain to be able to accept things in a new light.

Compassion, love, light and balance matter the most. I urge people to not think of why they dislike someone or something. Instead, regardless of the who, what, when, why or how – send light and love in it’s direction and fill it up with love and compassion and see what a difference that makes for your own personal happiness.

I love you all and I am so grateful to be here on this planet at this time in history. Benevolent times and wondrous things are in our very near future. How exciting to be part of it.


“Feed the mind good wisdom, the body good nutrition, the soul good vibes, and the heart good love. Elevation for your situation.”
― T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with “The Divine Presence”