The Demon Egg (Part 4 – the end)


The clock on the nightstand read 4:02 am. Miraculously I had woken up screaming without making any sound, so I hadn’t woken Lee up. I noticed quickly that I had been sleeping with the egg in my hand and I was gripping it tightly.

As a habit I always checked the security cameras downstairs. The monitor for them was on the nightstand where I sat the egg after releasing it from my grip. Just as I looked up at the monitor I saw a dark figure walking through my kitchen.

Everything about what happened next makes zero sense. Never would I ever go to check on something scary myself. I always woke Lee up so the he could go check it out. Instead, not only did I not wake him up, I got up and walked downstairs in the dark to see who or what it was that I had just seen on the cameras.

Immediately I noticed that nobody was there. I did see headlights shining into the kitchen window from our driveway and I wondered who on earth was up, in the driveway, with headlights on at 4 am.

I opened the back door and noticed the lights were coming from the old truck my son had been borrowing that happened to have a massive exhaust leak and the truck was running and the windows were up. I tried to squint to see if anyone was in the truck and I couldn’t tell because the lights were in my eyes. I ran outside, no shoes, no coat, no LEE.

What had gotten into me? Regardless, as I approached the truck I noticed my son was in it slouched over, seemingly asleep with the engine running and the windows up. EXHAUST LEAK, EXHAUST LEAK, EXHAUST LEAK! My mind screamed as I struggled to open the door of the old rusty truck and when I did I yelled my son’s name and shook him furiously. Nothing.

Over and over I called his name and shook and shook and shook. After what seemed like a lifetime he finally came to, but he was groggy and confused as he’s ever been in his life.

He had come home late and forgot his key and instead of waking us up he stayed out in the truck and kept it running and “fell asleep hard”, he said, not realizing the fumes being released inside the truck running along with the windows being completely up – were a deadly combination.

He couldn’t even walk into the house by himself and I half carried him in and down to his room where I left him to sleep and I, still in shock and awe of everything that had just occurred, went into the office to try to process everything.

I watched the security video from the kitchen over and over and over again. The system was set up to record when it sensed movement. It started recording at about 4:02 am right as I was awoken from my dream. A dark woman like figure who resembled an angel with wings, some say looked pregnant even, had seemingly walked across my kitchen as if she had just come downstairs from my bedroom and was walking towards the back door where outside my son was passed out from exhaust fumes in the truck.

I had looked everywhere in the house and even around the yard. I even checked all of the other footage from the cameras and never was she seen coming or going in any other room.

I was not the only person who could see it, which baffled me to no end. Lately, in my nightmare lifestyle status, everything that I saw was mostly only visible to me.

I changed my opinion about the demon egg shortly after this. I recognized that all along I had assumed it was a scary, bad thing. What I came to believe was that it may have actually been sent to me to help me.

My oldest daughter Alisha told me a story shortly after about a television show that she had watched where a woman perceived something she saw in a creepy old mirror to be frightening and horrifying because the woman in the mirror always appeared to be screaming at her – but she couldn’t tell what she was saying. She was also covered in blood. Turns out the scary woman in the mirror ends up saving the lady who had been afraid of hers life when an intruder enters her house one night. The woman in the mirror was said to have reached out and grabbed the intruder and stopped him long enough for the woman to realize he was there and call the police. Supposedly, a true story.

True or not, it made me realize that what I see as terrifying, may very well be something that I just don’t understand yet. I changed my perception on not only the egg but on any future scary situation that arises. However, I still decided to leave the egg in the hands of my best friend for safe keeping… just in case.

He still has it to this day. I sometimes still feel the urge to go and get it from him, but then I remind myself that – that’s crazy… right?

I honestly believe that the angel woman who was somehow tied to the egg, helped save my sons life that night. Also, that the creation dream that I had that night formed the foundation for my new insight on how I see the earth and all of the inhabitants of it. I appreciate everything in life now with such a deeper understanding and to such a deeper degree. It changed everything for me.

I am truly, truly grateful for the experiences I have had. But they really have mirrored horror films at times. I’ve always thought the basis for horror films and novels must come from some place of truth, at least to some extent?

But I still don’t watch scary movies… because, why? I’m starring in one. ūüėČ

The Demon Egg (Part 3)

I wasted many minutes of days staring at that face on that egg. The thing put me in a trance like state and I didn’t realize I was doing it until I would snap out of it. ¬†It was always with me either in my hand or in my purse. ¬†Sometimes I truly felt it had power over me and I was no longer at the helm in my vehicle of life.

My 17 year old, at the time, son Ty lived with us still on the first floor of the three story house and our bedroom loft was on the third floor. ¬†The floor plan was so that we never heard him down there and I don’t think he ever heard us upstairs either so I wouldn’t know if he was home sometimes or not.

One particular night he had taken one of Lee’s old work trucks out to visit friends. ¬†I never heard him leave but I saw the truck gone and he was not downstairs when I went to do laundry. ¬†I went to sleep around 10 PM, as usual, ¬†and ended up having the most bizarre and amazing dream that I think I’ve ever had.

I was standing on a mountain top with a native American girl who was not much older than my son. I could tell she was native because of how she dressed and her hair and also she spoke what sounded like a native tongue.

We stood on top of this mountain and looked at the world below us and also the colorful, vibrant setting sun that appeared larger than normal.  We stood in silence for what seemed like a long time just enjoying and taking in the moment. She then took my hand and smiled at me and I felt warm and loved.  All of the sudden we were being pulled upwards in the sky by a non existent force that lifted us up slowly and carefully.

She pointed down to the earth and I saw the copper mine that my house was at the base of. She spoke her native language which was somehow being translated in my head. She explained that the mine was an atrocity and an open wound to mother earth that they continued to dig and infect every day.  She said the mine never should have been built there and that it was on sacred hallowed ground.  She said the white man knew this and out of greed built it anyways. It brought me to tears and I wept for the monstrosity that I could see.

We were then lifted higher and higher until we were outside of the earth’s atmosphere. She pointed to regions of the earth and we wept for the neglect and misuse of this beautiful, wondrous gift that humans have that we are ruining without care.

She then spread her arms out as if encompassing the whole earth in her arms and showed me, in reverse,  how the earth was born. All of the hundreds of thousands of lifetimes; the years of life, love, development, industry, war, countries rising and falling, species being introduced and then extinct and all of the things in between. I understood in an instant Рwhere we had come from and where we were going.

The earth disappeared and we were silently floating in space. It was incredible. I was so happy, weightless, peaceful and relaxed. I looked at the girl and she smiled a sort of mischievous smile and winked at me. I started to smile back and suddenly was no longer weightless and I started falling back down backwards as I screamed the loudest blood curling, ear piercing scream that I could conjure up, and yet I knew, that no one could hear me.