Darkness controls 98% of the Population


I love statistics. Mostly because 82% of statistics are made up on the spot.

But I heard this one today and I am leaning towards agreement, and if not – it seems pretty darn close.

I heard that the darkness holds the power over the minds of 98% of the population.

How does it sit with you? Do you believe that you are within the 2% that hold their own power and who are above the mind control and influence of the darkness?

Do you think for yourself? Are you in control of your mind and do you act in accordance with your own thoughts and feelings?

If you eat too much and eat unhealthy, you are being controlled. If you have addictions or habits of any kind, then you are being controlled. Do you dwell on greed, looks, ego, popularity and vanity? Controlled.

Do you let TV, politics, public opinion, social media or even religion influence you too highly?

Do you fear death, hell or anything else? Controlled.

Unfortunately the control starts in the womb and takes hold of the young and puts its claws in young adults and then has you completely by the time you’ve reached adulthood.

Darkness has set things in motion to where they just sit back and watch as humanity eats whatever they feed it and not only that – begs for more.

If this upsets you or you are in disbelief… dare I say, controlled?

Only those who break free of the darkness’ chains and mind control truly live in the way that the light intended; As a free thinker without fear.

That means – question everything. Don’t allow the negative thoughts that seep into your mind take up residence, seed, grow and fester.

Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by mainstream things or things meant to divide us as a human race.

Know that every single person could break free from the darkness’ hold and that there would be plenty of resources, land and prosperity to go around.

We are fed fear day and night. Don’t buy into it in any form. And please don’t spread it.

Death is a part of life and anything that puts you in fear of that is tricking you. It’s part of what we are here to do.

To live. And to die. Both. They are both beautiful and purposeful and if you live without fear of death, you may be able to rise above the darkness waiting for those in fear at the gates.

Depression, anxiety, addiction, the need for power or control and drifting without purpose… all influenced by the darkness.

You have the option of taking back your power and refusing to be controlled any longer. Think for yourself and don’t be tricked by negative thoughts or outside influences.

You are a very powerful, beautiful and strong light being here with a purpose. Never forget that.

Photo credit: https://www.deviantart.com/muktapa/art/Control-the-hunger-of-darkness-is-not-442243513?fbclid=IwAR1T9_JZBM9MUjQhjo8EcdwGIUh3lUY60rkHLSsmG0nrdfsXLNWgpvKQXr8

What do you fear? My guess is -everything.


We kiss our children goodbye, or we were kissed goodbye as children, at one point in our/their lives and the words “Be careful” or “Watch out for (insert things to fear here)” are spoken.  We are implanting fear in them – just as we, ourselves, have had fear implanted in us throughout our entire lives. But why?

Fear doesn’t allow us to experience our best lives as our highest selves and it also stops us from pursuing our dreams and living life to the fullest. Fear creates anxiety and that is one of the biggest problems plaguing our world right now.

If you had to put all of your fears inside of a box… how big of a box would you need? And how long would it take you to put them all in there? Do you fear change? Do you fear success? Do you fear dying? Do you fear living? Do you fear being offended??

What would it take for you to not only put all of those fears in a box but to also throw them off a cliff so that they may never return. Oh, wait, are you afraid of heights??

Could I pay you enough money to do it? Could I simply reassure you that your life will change and all for the better if you would even just consider it?? What would it take?

Fear has governed my life until this past year.  AND it does me absolutely no good to be afraid of things. Some say it is an innate sense that helps keep you alive. I say that it is a learned behavior that stops you from living your best life. If you stop and take the fear out of a situation, what are you left with?

For example, Lee (ex-husband who I am dating again) fears (or just doesn’t like) conversations with me about patriotism, religion, politics and guns. Today we somehow slipped into a conversation about pride in countries and I asked him why he hated talking about it. He just expects people to be patriotic and if they aren’t – he doesn’t want to hear about it. My point was that in the future, I hope we can set all guns down, no longer engage in wars, get rid of pharmaceuticals and drugs (for the most part) and live in a basically self governing peaceful, compassionate society. Allowing people to come and go freely without borders. Immediately his mind tells him to fear this… because of the controlling, fearful society we have been raised in. We are taught to fear foreigners because they mean us harm, are criminals and carry disease (every country seems to feel this way about every other country, lol). We are taught to fear life without guns because without them… how do we kill the bad guys? (I said EVERYONE puts the guns down. Crazy notion, I am aware, but mark my words it will happen). We are taught that pills are medicine, because as long as a doctor prescribes it, how could it be bad? We are taught to remember history because if we don’t – it’ll repeat itself (what if I told you – that’s one of the reasons why it is repeating itself?)

We are taught to believe what we are taught at home and in schools. We are taught not to question anything and to fear everything because it keeps us controlled and subdued.

I say fear nothing.  And start with death, because if you can conquer the fear of that… everything else will be a breeze.

I think it’s sad that I have to keep fear on my list of daily things to conquer.  Because it is everywhere, inside of everything… especially in all of us humans. And I no longer wish for it to live inside of me.

Be brave and fear not. Everything is a lesson or a blessing. There’s nothing to fear.