The Demon Egg (Part 4 – the end)


The clock on the nightstand read 4:02 am. Miraculously I had woken up screaming without making any sound, so I hadn’t woken Lee up. I noticed quickly that I had been sleeping with the egg in my hand and I was gripping it tightly.

As a habit I always checked the security cameras downstairs. The monitor for them was on the nightstand where I sat the egg after releasing it from my grip. Just as I looked up at the monitor I saw a dark figure walking through my kitchen.

Everything about what happened next makes zero sense. Never would I ever go to check on something scary myself. I always woke Lee up so the he could go check it out. Instead, not only did I not wake him up, I got up and walked downstairs in the dark to see who or what it was that I had just seen on the cameras.

Immediately I noticed that nobody was there. I did see headlights shining into the kitchen window from our driveway and I wondered who on earth was up, in the driveway, with headlights on at 4 am.

I opened the back door and noticed the lights were coming from the old truck my son had been borrowing that happened to have a massive exhaust leak and the truck was running and the windows were up. I tried to squint to see if anyone was in the truck and I couldn’t tell because the lights were in my eyes. I ran outside, no shoes, no coat, no LEE.

What had gotten into me? Regardless, as I approached the truck I noticed my son was in it slouched over, seemingly asleep with the engine running and the windows up. EXHAUST LEAK, EXHAUST LEAK, EXHAUST LEAK! My mind screamed as I struggled to open the door of the old rusty truck and when I did I yelled my son’s name and shook him furiously. Nothing.

Over and over I called his name and shook and shook and shook. After what seemed like a lifetime he finally came to, but he was groggy and confused as he’s ever been in his life.

He had come home late and forgot his key and instead of waking us up he stayed out in the truck and kept it running and “fell asleep hard”, he said, not realizing the fumes being released inside the truck running along with the windows being completely up – were a deadly combination.

He couldn’t even walk into the house by himself and I half carried him in and down to his room where I left him to sleep and I, still in shock and awe of everything that had just occurred, went into the office to try to process everything.

I watched the security video from the kitchen over and over and over again. The system was set up to record when it sensed movement. It started recording at about 4:02 am right as I was awoken from my dream. A dark woman like figure who resembled an angel with wings, some say looked pregnant even, had seemingly walked across my kitchen as if she had just come downstairs from my bedroom and was walking towards the back door where outside my son was passed out from exhaust fumes in the truck.

I had looked everywhere in the house and even around the yard. I even checked all of the other footage from the cameras and never was she seen coming or going in any other room.

I was not the only person who could see it, which baffled me to no end. Lately, in my nightmare lifestyle status, everything that I saw was mostly only visible to me.

I changed my opinion about the demon egg shortly after this. I recognized that all along I had assumed it was a scary, bad thing. What I came to believe was that it may have actually been sent to me to help me.

My oldest daughter Alisha told me a story shortly after about a television show that she had watched where a woman perceived something she saw in a creepy old mirror to be frightening and horrifying because the woman in the mirror always appeared to be screaming at her – but she couldn’t tell what she was saying. She was also covered in blood. Turns out the scary woman in the mirror ends up saving the lady who had been afraid of hers life when an intruder enters her house one night. The woman in the mirror was said to have reached out and grabbed the intruder and stopped him long enough for the woman to realize he was there and call the police. Supposedly, a true story.

True or not, it made me realize that what I see as terrifying, may very well be something that I just don’t understand yet. I changed my perception on not only the egg but on any future scary situation that arises. However, I still decided to leave the egg in the hands of my best friend for safe keeping… just in case.

He still has it to this day. I sometimes still feel the urge to go and get it from him, but then I remind myself that – that’s crazy… right?

I honestly believe that the angel woman who was somehow tied to the egg, helped save my sons life that night. Also, that the creation dream that I had that night formed the foundation for my new insight on how I see the earth and all of the inhabitants of it. I appreciate everything in life now with such a deeper understanding and to such a deeper degree. It changed everything for me.

I am truly, truly grateful for the experiences I have had. But they really have mirrored horror films at times. I’ve always thought the basis for horror films and novels must come from some place of truth, at least to some extent?

But I still don’t watch scary movies… because, why? I’m starring in one. ūüėČ

I gave up today


I gave up today
I got down on my knees and prayed
I asked God to take the pain away
I asked if i could die because i can’t go on living this way
He lifted my chin way up to the sky
And i saw his perfect face for the very first time
My heart finally knew true love and he elevated and enlightened my mind –
“But what if there is still pain” i asked, “and what if there is sorrow?”
“Then you shed your tears today,” He said, “and you laugh and smile tomorrow”
Where there is pain there is knowledge and where there’s knowledge there is power
So hold your broken head and heart up High and to the darkness never cower
Life is full of lessons – there are so many to be learned
Don’t be shy – don’t sit it out – stand up and take your turn
Sometimes you will fall and sometimes you will fail
But that’s just another lesson learned on life’s beautiful winding trail
I gave up today…
But He didn’t let it play out that way…
Thank you God. Amen

The Demon Egg (Part 3)

I wasted many minutes of days staring at that face on that egg. The thing put me in a trance like state and I didn’t realize I was doing it until I would snap out of it. ¬†It was always with me either in my hand or in my purse. ¬†Sometimes I truly felt it had power over me and I was no longer at the helm in my vehicle of life.

My 17 year old, at the time, son Ty lived with us still on the first floor of the three story house and our bedroom loft was on the third floor. ¬†The floor plan was so that we never heard him down there and I don’t think he ever heard us upstairs either so I wouldn’t know if he was home sometimes or not.

One particular night he had taken one of Lee’s old work trucks out to visit friends. ¬†I never heard him leave but I saw the truck gone and he was not downstairs when I went to do laundry. ¬†I went to sleep around 10 PM, as usual, ¬†and ended up having the most bizarre and amazing dream that I think I’ve ever had.

I was standing on a mountain top with a native American girl who was not much older than my son. I could tell she was native because of how she dressed and her hair and also she spoke what sounded like a native tongue.

We stood on top of this mountain and looked at the world below us and also the colorful, vibrant setting sun that appeared larger than normal.  We stood in silence for what seemed like a long time just enjoying and taking in the moment. She then took my hand and smiled at me and I felt warm and loved.  All of the sudden we were being pulled upwards in the sky by a non existent force that lifted us up slowly and carefully.

She pointed down to the earth and I saw the copper mine that my house was at the base of. She spoke her native language which was somehow being translated in my head. She explained that the mine was an atrocity and an open wound to mother earth that they continued to dig and infect every day.  She said the mine never should have been built there and that it was on sacred hallowed ground.  She said the white man knew this and out of greed built it anyways. It brought me to tears and I wept for the monstrosity that I could see.

We were then lifted higher and higher until we were outside of the earth’s atmosphere. She pointed to regions of the earth and we wept for the neglect and misuse of this beautiful, wondrous gift that humans have that we are ruining without care.

She then spread her arms out as if encompassing the whole earth in her arms and showed me, in reverse,  how the earth was born. All of the hundreds of thousands of lifetimes; the years of life, love, development, industry, war, countries rising and falling, species being introduced and then extinct and all of the things in between. I understood in an instant Рwhere we had come from and where we were going.

The earth disappeared and we were silently floating in space. It was incredible. I was so happy, weightless, peaceful and relaxed. I looked at the girl and she smiled a sort of mischievous smile and winked at me. I started to smile back and suddenly was no longer weightless and I started falling back down backwards as I screamed the loudest blood curling, ear piercing scream that I could conjure up, and yet I knew, that no one could hear me.


The Demon Egg (Part 2)

Regardless of how long I had been there it seemed like I had been in a time warp of sorts. The strangest part was that when I had first looked at the egg it was pure black with no marks or imperfections. Now when I looked down at it I saw the face of a demon.

He had scraggly hair, partially opened mouth and a distorted face but he seemed to be looking at me from every angle. He looked more like a monster than man. I thought it must be the lighting in the room or maybe I had smudged it with something on my hands when I held it.

I took it into the bathroom and washed and dried it and polished it with a towel. I then held it in the light at every angle and no matter what I did, there he was.

I got really uncomfortable all of the sudden and honestly felt like I wasn’t alone. I went back into the kitchen to check the paperwork that came with it to investigate further what on earth it was that I was holding in my hand.

The package was sure enough addressed to me and from a native American reservation in Arizona that I had never heard of. On the inside was a slip of paper and a business card that said it was a black obsidian yoni egg. I checked the date it was ordered and wracked my brain trying to determine if someone else had ordered this thing that I’d never heard of from a place I’d never heard of… or if it had somehow been me.

If someone else ordered it why would they send it to me and not tell me? I thought about cross referencing my bank charges so I went into the office and sat down at the computer and entered my bank info. I scanned the dates and amounts and sure enough there was a charge from the exact date for the exact amount. I was still gripping the egg in my hand and I thought back and remembered that particular day and how I was attempting to work when I kept getting so distracted by what I could hear and see on the walls all around me.

Further research led me to realize that the black obsidian egg that I had ordered from a reservation in Arizona while in a trance like state was called a yoni egg and was used for women to build up their pelvic muscles and aid in properly doing kegel exercises.

I’m sorry, what?? What in the hell have I ordered and why??? It’s a great thing please don’t get me wrong but I assure you I was not seeking anything like this out. I had never even heard of it and why in the hell would I order it?

I continued for the next few days to search my mind for answers that wouldn’t come. As I did I noticed that I would rarely set the egg down and I found myself gripping it in my hand tightly whenever I stopped to pay attention to what I was doing. I felt somewhat of a “my precious” effect from it and the demon face continued to look back at me whenever I looked down at it.

My house had already been lit up by spirits and entities from my spiritual awakening a month prior and a portal had been opened but I wouldn’t find out that information until months later. At the time I just had to assume I was losing my ever loving mind.

The house, built in the 1800’s in a mining town for miners quarters had always called to me. I first saw a picture of it and all I ever needed to see was the quaint picturesque front of the tiny castle like home to know I was in love. When Lee and I went to see the home it was for rent and there were about 15 other very interested couples that wanted it almost as bad as I did. The woman who owned it with her husband said she had prayed for the answer as to who she should rent the house to… we didn’t have the best credit and I had a record but she said the night after she prayed about it she only heard one name. My name.

I, too, sincerely felt it was meant to be. I was beckoned and drawn to the house. And strange things were already happening by the time the egg arrived but I’ll be dammed if they didn’t get stranger.

I would take the egg with me wherever I went. If it wasn’t in my hands it was very near by in my purse. I wouldn’t recognize until later on what a creepy connection I had made with it. Whatever happened in the kitchen that day it arrived had bonded us together, but yet I felt strangely terrified of it as well.

Something about that demon face appeared very menacing and everyone I showed it to thought that as well. It would seem to change temperatures and the weight seemed different at different times of the day. Was I losing my mind this bad? I never was able to verify the temperature changes but I did weigh the egg. It would vary from .419 oz to .519 depending on the moment. I did this in front of people to try and prove that I was saying. Most people thought I was doing some type of parlor trick or just pulling their chain.

Why wouldn’t anyone believe what I said? It drove me to the point of madness and I promise you that I do not know how I stayed alive at this point because feeling your going mad and everyone around you believing you are, when really you are not… is beyond maddening.

I continued to carry the egg around and very strange occurrences started happening. The lights and electronics around me started acting strange and turning on or off at will. I started hearing strange music playing all over the house when no one else was around… and no music was playing. Every room I walked into I felt like I wasn’t alone and that someone was right behind me even when they were not. I started to get very strange thoughts in my head that seemed more like facts about history than a woman losing her ever loving mind.

I started despising my house that I had loved and more importantly the area around it. The demon egg all the while became an extension of my hand and i gazed at it for many minutes at a time before realizing how much time had passed since i had started looking at it.

People told me to get rid of it, that it was evil and possessed. I would agree but hold on tighter. I started seeing more evil type things than just the regular spirits that I normally sensed. I heard cries from women, children and even men for help that weren’t really there. I became exhausted listening to all of the screams for help and not being able to stop them or help them. “Get rid of the egg” they would say. And I would hold on to it even tighter.

The Demon Egg (Part 1)

I don’t consider myself crazy, but I honestly wonder if truly crazy people ever do. I know that the mind can play tricks on you but some things that I have seen and experienced are too real to be explained away or to be swept under the rug and forgotten. One of the most impactful and terrifying things that has occurred – has to do with an egg. Not one laid by a chicken but one called a “yoni” egg, that I had never heard of prior to this experience.

My life was in total and utter chaos. It had went from semi normal to paranormal real quick. My mind had been taken on a trip that only exists in horror films. My ex husband Lee, who I was dating again, didn’t believe a word I said and it seemed like the nightmare would never end. Spirits, entities and ghosts had entered my world to a degree that was absolutely dizzying to myself, let alone others that could not see what I see or feel what I feel…

I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in I don’t know how long due to feeling things walking all over me and touching me that weren’t seemingly there. It made no sense to me and my mind still attempted to take me to logical explanations of illogical things. I could only assume the worst possible scenario; that this experience was happening to me because I was going to die. I mean, why else would it be happening?

I had so many fights with Lee as I begged for him to believe me and I knew by looking into his eyes, he was scared, too, but not of the same things I was… he was afraid of me.

I would sit in a room and feel waves of things come over me that felt like things passing through me. I had this that weren’t seemingly my own. I saw colors and shapes everywhere and if I looked at any one thing for too long, no matter what it was, I would see a face looking back at me that appeared to look like something demonic or at the very least, not human. They always have only one eye and I am still to this day attempting to figure out why that is.

One particular day as I sat in our home office attempting to do what I normally do, which is accounting and paperwork for Lee’s concrete company, I remember zoning out several times…

I remember at that time seeing several faces of what appeared to be native Americans and wondering what part they played in my situation.

I lived by the largest copper mine in northern America, which at the time seemed insignificant and innocent enough. I would hear things later that would signify its importance and the reason that the portal opened up in that specific area.

I also saw a man who looked like a knight who held a large sword between both hands that was pointing the sword down at the ground. I continued to hear the words “gatekeeper” and I assumed that’s what this knight must be?

I gave up trying to work, again, because my mind wouldn’t allow me to concentrate on such things anymore and I frustratingly walked away.

About a week later I received a small package in the mail that was addressed to me and the sender was a native American reservation that I had never heard of. I had absolutely no idea what the package could be and for no apparent reason I stuffed it in my purse intending to open it later.

5 days went by and I carried it around from place to place never opening the package. Every time I needed my wallet or something out of my purse, I would just push it out of the way and carry on.

On the fifth day, I returned from an errand and went to get a receipt out of my purse and finally took it out and set it on the counter. I grabbed a pair of scissors and when I got it open it was an egg shaped object approximately the size of a chicken egg that was a beautiful shade of black.

I found myself gazing at it and cupping it in my left hand and suddenly felt the urge to also cup it with my right so that I now held it together with both hands. My eyes closed and I felt a surge of energy come over me almost like a body rush and behind my eyelids I could see colors and sparkling colors and brilliant flashes of light that kept me entranced for I don’t know how long.

When my eyes finally opened I realized that I had no idea how long I had been standing there, holding that egg like that. It could have been seconds or years or days… I honestly had no idea.


Consider this…


“The Battle Between Darkness and Light”

Consider this:

That quite possibly… the darkness gave humans the technology of guns, knowing that not only would it make it easier and less accountable for killing another human being, but because they knew in the end when it came to the battle of dark & light that it would be yet another thing that would divide us…

Jealousy Kills

Elevated thought of the day:
Getting rid of JEALOUSY.

JEALOUS (noun): Resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another’s success or advantage itself.

In fact, at the very least, jealousy causes feelings of animosity and inferiority and at most it causes anger, aggression and worst. People have killed and people have died over this word and I’m not sure if people realize how big of a part it plays in our everyday lives.

When I start feeling jealous of someone or something and I go to speak the word, I first try to take a step back and examine what it is that they have that I desire. If it is something that I can obtain – then I mentally or physically write it down on my vision board and start working towards it. If it is something that I absolutely cannot obtain then I try and flip that human feeling of wanting what others have into true happiness for that person/people and then let it go.

Letting go of jealousy allows us to move easier into a new, positive, loving and harmonious time on this beautiful earth. There is no place for old negative energy. Because that is all jealousy is. Old, negative energy meant to pit us against each other, make us feel lesser and to bring us down.

And why can’t we be happy for others? Some are blessed with beautiful bodies and some with beautiful minds and spirits. Some seemingly have it all – Awesome! Be happy for them. And then remind yourself why you also have so many things to be happy for… and then carry on with your new, elevated, grateful and happy life.


**Photo Credit Brian Gerald “Jealousy Is a Choice”: