Dreams of Nibiru

I was instantly relieved to know that I was not of this planet earth but instead, stationed here for a purpose.

Everything became clear including gravity, history, dinosaurs, energy, magnets, polarity…

I saw myself in a mirror that was facing the sun and my face became half angel and half demon and there was no sign of my real face any longer. The demon was beyond frightening and the angel was beyond beautiful. And somehow both of these creatures resided within me.

However, I knew that something huge was coming soon to meld the duality of it all and that there was nothing anyone here could do to stop it.

The lies and cover ups ran so deep that it blew my mind every which way. I was understanding of the fear that the ones who knew had of widespread panic. I also felt the pain of every unknowing soul on this planet of its impending doom, who were attempting to live out their lives of pure deception.

I saw the day the alarm was finally sounded by someone who did it for the fame. It didn’t matter anyways, it was in vane, because it was already too late.

They can build bunkers and spaceships to attempt to hide from fate, but “resistance is futile” and the gravitational pull coming won’t spare the elite.

The prophecy of 2 suns in the sky was being fulfilled to the best of the ancients knowledge at the time. But Nibiru isn’t a sun, it is the 9th planet.

Planet X is approximately 5 times larger than earth and only passes by every 15,000 – 20,000 years.

The effect that its passing would have would change north to south, east to west and land masses will be changed dramatically, to say the least. There would be 3 dark days due to planet X passing in front of the sun on its epic journey.

There was no fear in my heart at the knowledge of this event. It actually lightened my spirit to know the truth and my purpose. Part of my job was to raise consciousness levels and awaken sleeping souls.

I awoke with peace and understanding at a possibility that resounded in my spirit.

Dreams are a trip 😉

**Photo credit: Slaveplanet.net

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