Heal Yourself

I have explained the shift in energies across the planet and now it’s time to do some work. Probably the hardest work you’ll ever do; heal yourself.

Start from the inside out and don’t leave any hurt left unhealed. There is no reason to carry the weight of the past with you any longer, no matter how big or small the hurt is.

See a counselor, do some major self care and let go of all of the bullshit expectations that you and the world put on yourself and strip down to nothingness and stand and look at yourself naked and then start rebuilding yourself from the inside out with nothing but love.

If you don’t love your body then imagine it as a vessel. A vessel that is only here to carry your true self across this thing called life. Love what the vessel does for you and let go of insecurity and doubt and love yourself freely and unconditionally.

We are all broken. You can’t heal yourself until you understand that. And when you do and you do the work to heal, that is when you are truly capable of loving another person in a pure and healthy way.

I love all of you and I am doing the work so that I may love you even better. I pray that you do the same.

We are all energy balled up in a vessel travelling this spot in the universe together. Let’s come together in pure love and start truly enjoying our journey.

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