You don’t know what you don’t know.


I am stubborn and hard headed, in general. For years Lee has been telling me that I need to see an eye doctor. I was not about to need glasses. From my perspective, my vision was fine. Little did I know that my perspective was seriously blurred.

Around Christmas time he purchased a groupon for eye exams for both of us because he recognized that he, at least, needed reading glasses.

I hit a couple of curbs with my car this last year, which I never used to do, so I decided to humor him and go.

And what did I come to find out? Not only am I near sighted with astigmatism but I also have a scar on my left eyeball that could lead to loss of sight.

I know what happened to cause the scar. I was placing a bungee cord underneath a car to tie down my trunk while moving a few years back and it popped back and hit me directly in the eyeball. I lost my vision for half a day in that eye and it was one of the worst things I could imagine. It messes up everything down to your equilibrium.

I never sought treatment because my vision returned. But I had no idea that it might still cause blindness in the future.

When I put on the glasses for the first time, I was completely shocked. It gave definition and clarity to things that I didn’t know that I couldn’t see.

I am still in shock of how bad my eyesight is and that I’ve been driving and walking around not knowing what I didn’t know. I thought what I saw was “normal” until I was absolutely proven otherwise.

There were so many lessons to be learned from this situation that more and more come flowing in every day.

I am continually working on remaining open minded to new information. Trying not to be presumptuous and making assumptions and judgements. I’m trying not to be so hard headed and convinced that I already know the answer.

Socrates made an excellent point; you don’t know what you don’t know. Until you do.

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