I am truly inspired today by John Lennon and his vision, lyrics and by his belief that we can change the world with love and compassion.

Here is the only obstacle I can see that is holding so many people back: it’s the lack of being able to imagine that it truly is possible.

So many of us easily imagine the future as a dark and scary place. So why is it so hard to flip that script and imagine it as the ending to every beautiful movie we have ever seen? Or the happiest we have ever been?

We constantly immerse ourselves in darkness and negativity so it is no wonder that it is hard for some to see the light.

My challenge today is for you to stop negativity in its tracks and to start shaping that magnificent, positive and peaceful future in your mind. If you catch yourself watching something negative, turn it off or change the channel. If you are in the presence of someone or something negative, picture a bubble of positivity around you and just don’t allow it to enter.

Don’t worry about how it might be possible. Just imagine that it is and try to continue this thought process day by day.

You may say, “How naive.” But I say, “How positive!” I know many, many people that don’t pay attention to politics or ever watch the news and I’m telling you that they are some of the happiest, most carefree people that I know. And for as much negativity as there is out there, if you go looking for positive things to brighten your day and enrich your life, you will find them.

Decide today to imagine life now and in the future as good and positive. Being that example to the people around you, including your children, can change the world.



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