The Other Side of the Story


“There are 2 sides to every story.” That’s what I grew up hearing but I have come to realize that there are actually an infinite number of sides to a story. I feel that in a time where something is attempting to tear us apart, that we realize how important it is for us to see at least one other side besides the one that we have been drawn to… or chosen without even realizing it.

I was watching a TV show the other day and it is a “family sitcom” but they are outspokenly political. In this episode a high school girl who has been raised as one political affiliation was forced to debate the opposite side that she chose for a debate class and I found that concept brilliant.

As for myself, I try to stay fairly open minded about things but also find myself feeling highly opinionated about them. As I do, I try to take a step back and consider how much outside influence has had on my decision and if I’ve come to the right conclusion… if there even is a right conclusion.

Let’s take the highly controversial subject of vaccinations for example. Now, please before you snap judgement and make up your mind, consider for a moment that it wouldn’t hurt to hear both sides out.

One side states that you absolutely should vaccinate and the news backs it up with a health scare in local regions where somehow a sickness that should have been eradicated is introduced back into society and outbreaks, they say, are rampant. I will make mad assumptions and say that this is the majority. So I will make arguments for the minority.

I’m also assuming that the people who have decided not to, have probably not come to that decision lightly and that they have probably come to that conclusion thinking that they have their child’s best interest in mind. Just because you’re told to do something for your child, doesn’t mean that you should take it at face value and not research it and come to a conclusion on your own, I believe.

One thought that comes to mind, and I could be wrong, but it’s that unvaccinated people do not spontaneously generate an eradicated disease and that it must have been introduced to their system somehow.

Furthermore, if you believe in vaccines so highly and you and your children are vaccinated, then what is there to be afraid of?

Specifically the outbreak on the news at the moment is measles. From what I’ve heard it used to be fairly common place and that as a child you would get it, it would run its course, your body would build up an immunity and fight it off and then you would carry on. People seem to be making it out to be way worst than that. I realize that people with compromised immunity might not want to catch it, but that pretty much goes for anything at that point.

I feel that some people take on the responsibility of thinking that other people’s children are their concern but honestly, that’s not true. And if abuse or any other thing is happening or thought to be happening with a child then it’s the authorities responsibility to work that out, not anyone else’s.

Something that makes me wonder, too, is the fact that the outbreak is happening and that they are using scare tactics to get people to vaccinate because the population is beginning to question the process – and why shouldn’t they?

You don’t blindly hand your child a substance to ingest without knowing exactly what it is, normally. I have no idea what is in those shots and they can give me a piece of paper that states the ingredients but how can I trust that for sure?

Especially when I have read that studies show links from vaccines to all kinds of things from autism to death. Not only that, but that a percentage of vaccinated kids have still contracted things after being vaccinated for them. I mean, they are already introducing the thing into your body to attempt to build up immunities to it – so essentially, they seem to be taking a risk either way.

I’m not sure why the government is forcing things down our throats or how eradicated things mysteriously pop up in our society, but it sure makes me wonder.

Maybe I’m just a conspiracy theorist who decided that my government doesn’t always have my best interest in mind and that I won’t blindly follow their orders anymore.

Sometimes I think that somehow it should be our children’s choice on what happens to them. I do realize that they may not be completely ready to make life altering decisions… but maybe we shouldn’t take the ones we are making for them so lightly.

Here’s the thing – my children are all vaccinated as am I. I got it done at a time when I was following blindly and adhering to rules and regulations because I didn’t even think there was another choice. But honestly I feel that there should always be a choice, and that you shouldn’t be judged for making it.

I would highly urge people to educate yourself on both sides of the spectrum before making decisions or picking a side… but even then – it is up to you. And I won’t judge you either way.


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