Animal Instincts


Many times in my life I have been fascinated by animals and their innate senses that allow them to communicate, form groups, recognize a threat, find food, water and shelter – without ever speaking words.

I realize that they communicate other ways but they are also born with some things in their DNA and that’s what fascinates me. They show emotions like love, fear and dislike. They build things, sometimes extremely complex things, and they follow a leader, if necessary, to survive.

I think that humans have the exact same innate senses, even more so, but that we actually dull them down and drown them out from birth with our controlled, modern world and all of our speech, advertising and technology.

This last year I have started quieting the brain that society has built and started listening to my true inner self and I have seen and felt massive changes in my mind, body, spirit and my life.

First of all it helped me connect to my higher self and higher power. Humans are the only species on earth, that we’re aware of, that seek out our creator and once you connect – it truly empowers and enlightens.

My diet has changed – I think I was honestly giving myself diabetes – and now I seek out low if not no sugar items and I’ve definitely lowered my overall sugar consumption. Too much not only adds weight but bogs down the mind and takes you up and drops you back down.

My body has told me to give it at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, a bowl of oatmeal after, drink lemon water and if I do that – I’ll be ok.

I drink tea now when I never did before. Not only store bought, but I make some myself. At least once a week I make a “tea” of hot water, cinnamon, turmeric, honey, lemon and cayenne pepper. Something tells me it keeps me healthier and honestly I can’t remember the last time I was ill.  I try not to even say the ‘S’ word because I think your body listens and responds to your verbal cues.

I try to take time every day for quiet time, like a self check in of all of my systems. Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I pray and sometimes I just try and process things.

I’ve learned to honestly try and throw love, light and compassion at every single thing that irks me and it most certainly makes me have more inner peace, if nothing else.

I feel like we were given the gift of these and other innate senses that tell us what we should eat and how best to live our lives for who we are and who we have been. Im not sure if enough people know how to listen, yet. I do feel like that is changing and I’m very grateful for that. I believe it will be a huge part of the change for humanity.

Don’t let your gift go to waste. Try and tune out all of the societal programming and noise from all around you for just a few moments a day and listen to what your higher self has to say. You might be surprised at what you hear.

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2 thoughts on “Animal Instincts

  1. Very interesting. They sound like great changes. You are really listening to your body and tuning into your needs. On a slightly different, but related note, I think humans have way more instinct based behaviours than acknowledged and if I was an academic sort of person, I think human instincts would be a really interesting subject to do a study on.

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