De-clutter your Karma

_20180706_182639_2I get a massive sense of people feeling the need to clean, declutter and downsize things around them right now. And that makes me ecstatic.

I sense that this is a universal feeling that is also highly metaphorical, that people are having because with the massive energy shift of the planet the earth needs us to clean up our karmic and akashic energy in order to move forward and progress in to the light.

This includes doing energy work for not only yourself but for all of your ancestors in the past. Without even knowing consciously what is happening – some of us are even getting rid of generational curses that have been haunting our families for years and years.

This gives me the biggest flutters in my heart knowing that the time of compassion and change is truly here and that people everywhere can feel it and are taking part in it.

It will still take time and not everyone is on board yet… but the fact that the wheels are in motion is so significant. I’m grateful to be here at this time with all of you.

So clean on fellow earthlings! Let’s sweep out the darkness and allow there to be light.

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