I gave up today
I got down on my knees and prayed
I asked God to take the pain away
I asked if i could die because i can’t go on living this way
He lifted my chin way up to the sky
And i saw his perfect face for the very first time
My heart finally knew true love and he elevated and enlightened my mind –
“But what if there is still pain” i asked, “and what if there is sorrow?”
“Then you shed your tears today,” He said, “and you laugh and smile tomorrow”
Where there is pain there is knowledge and where there’s knowledge there is power
So hold your broken head and heart up High and to the darkness never cower
Life is full of lessons – there are so many to be learned
Don’t be shy – don’t sit it out – stand up and take your turn
Sometimes you will fall and sometimes you will fail
But that’s just another lesson learned on life’s beautiful winding trail
I gave up today…
But He didn’t let it play out that way…
Thank you God. Amen

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  1. Wow! This is beautifully written. Thank you for your words. If you would like, you are welcome to join our online community at faithpowered.org and share it with others.


    1. Thank you so much Dylan. It still brings me to tears whenever I read it even though I wrote it! I just posted it as a visitor post on the faithpowered.org FB page. And thank you so much for the kind invite. I truly appreciate people reaching out and letting me know what they think!

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