The Demon Egg (Part 2)

Regardless of how long I had been there it seemed like I had been in a time warp of sorts. The strangest part was that when I had first looked at the egg it was pure black with no marks or imperfections. Now when I looked down at it I saw the face of a demon.

He had scraggly hair, partially opened mouth and a distorted face but he seemed to be looking at me from every angle. He looked more like a monster than man. I thought it must be the lighting in the room or maybe I had smudged it with something on my hands when I held it.

I took it into the bathroom and washed and dried it and polished it with a towel. I then held it in the light at every angle and no matter what I did, there he was.

I got really uncomfortable all of the sudden and honestly felt like I wasn’t alone. I went back into the kitchen to check the paperwork that came with it to investigate further what on earth it was that I was holding in my hand.

The package was sure enough addressed to me and from a native American reservation in Arizona that I had never heard of. On the inside was a slip of paper and a business card that said it was a black obsidian yoni egg. I checked the date it was ordered and wracked my brain trying to determine if someone else had ordered this thing that I’d never heard of from a place I’d never heard of… or if it had somehow been me.

If someone else ordered it why would they send it to me and not tell me? I thought about cross referencing my bank charges so I went into the office and sat down at the computer and entered my bank info. I scanned the dates and amounts and sure enough there was a charge from the exact date for the exact amount. I was still gripping the egg in my hand and I thought back and remembered that particular day and how I was attempting to work when I kept getting so distracted by what I could hear and see on the walls all around me.

Further research led me to realize that the black obsidian egg that I had ordered from a reservation in Arizona while in a trance like state was called a yoni egg and was used for women to build up their pelvic muscles and aid in properly doing kegel exercises.

I’m sorry, what?? What in the hell have I ordered and why??? It’s a great thing please don’t get me wrong but I assure you I was not seeking anything like this out. I had never even heard of it and why in the hell would I order it?

I continued for the next few days to search my mind for answers that wouldn’t come. As I did I noticed that I would rarely set the egg down and I found myself gripping it in my hand tightly whenever I stopped to pay attention to what I was doing. I felt somewhat of a “my precious” effect from it and the demon face continued to look back at me whenever I looked down at it.

My house had already been lit up by spirits and entities from my spiritual awakening a month prior and a portal had been opened but I wouldn’t find out that information until months later. At the time I just had to assume I was losing my ever loving mind.

The house, built in the 1800’s in a mining town for miners quarters had always called to me. I first saw a picture of it and all I ever needed to see was the quaint picturesque front of the tiny castle like home to know I was in love. When Lee and I went to see the home it was for rent and there were about 15 other very interested couples that wanted it almost as bad as I did. The woman who owned it with her husband said she had prayed for the answer as to who she should rent the house to… we didn’t have the best credit and I had a record but she said the night after she prayed about it she only heard one name. My name.

I, too, sincerely felt it was meant to be. I was beckoned and drawn to the house. And strange things were already happening by the time the egg arrived but I’ll be dammed if they didn’t get stranger.

I would take the egg with me wherever I went. If it wasn’t in my hands it was very near by in my purse. I wouldn’t recognize until later on what a creepy connection I had made with it. Whatever happened in the kitchen that day it arrived had bonded us together, but yet I felt strangely terrified of it as well.

Something about that demon face appeared very menacing and everyone I showed it to thought that as well. It would seem to change temperatures and the weight seemed different at different times of the day. Was I losing my mind this bad? I never was able to verify the temperature changes but I did weigh the egg. It would vary from .419 oz to .519 depending on the moment. I did this in front of people to try and prove that I was saying. Most people thought I was doing some type of parlor trick or just pulling their chain.

Why wouldn’t anyone believe what I said? It drove me to the point of madness and I promise you that I do not know how I stayed alive at this point because feeling your going mad and everyone around you believing you are, when really you are not… is beyond maddening.

I continued to carry the egg around and very strange occurrences started happening. The lights and electronics around me started acting strange and turning on or off at will. I started hearing strange music playing all over the house when no one else was around… and no music was playing. Every room I walked into I felt like I wasn’t alone and that someone was right behind me even when they were not. I started to get very strange thoughts in my head that seemed more like facts about history than a woman losing her ever loving mind.

I started despising my house that I had loved and more importantly the area around it. The demon egg all the while became an extension of my hand and i gazed at it for many minutes at a time before realizing how much time had passed since i had started looking at it.

People told me to get rid of it, that it was evil and possessed. I would agree but hold on tighter. I started seeing more evil type things than just the regular spirits that I normally sensed. I heard cries from women, children and even men for help that weren’t really there. I became exhausted listening to all of the screams for help and not being able to stop them or help them. “Get rid of the egg” they would say. And I would hold on to it even tighter.

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