The Demon Egg (Part 1)

I don’t consider myself crazy, but I honestly wonder if truly crazy people ever do. I know that the mind can play tricks on you but some things that I have seen and experienced are too real to be explained away or to be swept under the rug and forgotten. One of the most impactful and terrifying things that has occurred – has to do with an egg. Not one laid by a chicken but one called a “yoni” egg, that I had never heard of prior to this experience.

My life was in total and utter chaos. It had went from semi normal to paranormal real quick. My mind had been taken on a trip that only exists in horror films. My ex husband Lee, who I was dating again, didn’t believe a word I said and it seemed like the nightmare would never end. Spirits, entities and ghosts had entered my world to a degree that was absolutely dizzying to myself, let alone others that could not see what I see or feel what I feel…

I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in I don’t know how long due to feeling things walking all over me and touching me that weren’t seemingly there. It made no sense to me and my mind still attempted to take me to logical explanations of illogical things. I could only assume the worst possible scenario; that this experience was happening to me because I was going to die. I mean, why else would it be happening?

I had so many fights with Lee as I begged for him to believe me and I knew by looking into his eyes, he was scared, too, but not of the same things I was… he was afraid of me.

I would sit in a room and feel waves of things come over me that felt like things passing through me. I had this that weren’t seemingly my own. I saw colors and shapes everywhere and if I looked at any one thing for too long, no matter what it was, I would see a face looking back at me that appeared to look like something demonic or at the very least, not human. They always have only one eye and I am still to this day attempting to figure out why that is.

One particular day as I sat in our home office attempting to do what I normally do, which is accounting and paperwork for Lee’s concrete company, I remember zoning out several times…

I remember at that time seeing several faces of what appeared to be native Americans and wondering what part they played in my situation.

I lived by the largest copper mine in northern America, which at the time seemed insignificant and innocent enough. I would hear things later that would signify its importance and the reason that the portal opened up in that specific area.

I also saw a man who looked like a knight who held a large sword between both hands that was pointing the sword down at the ground. I continued to hear the words “gatekeeper” and I assumed that’s what this knight must be?

I gave up trying to work, again, because my mind wouldn’t allow me to concentrate on such things anymore and I frustratingly walked away.

About a week later I received a small package in the mail that was addressed to me and the sender was a native American reservation that I had never heard of. I had absolutely no idea what the package could be and for no apparent reason I stuffed it in my purse intending to open it later.

5 days went by and I carried it around from place to place never opening the package. Every time I needed my wallet or something out of my purse, I would just push it out of the way and carry on.

On the fifth day, I returned from an errand and went to get a receipt out of my purse and finally took it out and set it on the counter. I grabbed a pair of scissors and when I got it open it was an egg shaped object approximately the size of a chicken egg that was a beautiful shade of black.

I found myself gazing at it and cupping it in my left hand and suddenly felt the urge to also cup it with my right so that I now held it together with both hands. My eyes closed and I felt a surge of energy come over me almost like a body rush and behind my eyelids I could see colors and sparkling colors and brilliant flashes of light that kept me entranced for I don’t know how long.

When my eyes finally opened I realized that I had no idea how long I had been standing there, holding that egg like that. It could have been seconds or years or days… I honestly had no idea.


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