Haunted and then some… Do you Believe?


These are some really great videos of our “haunted” house in Copperton, Utah.  It was at a time when massive amounts of paranormal activity was happening all around me. I, and everyone else, thought I might be going insane.

See if you can see Gene Simmons from “KISS”s head in my garbage can in the first video.

The second video, where you can see a moving big ball of yellow, orange and red, is what I believe to be pure energy. That occurred right before it seemingly broke off of the wall and a massive portal opened up releasing all kinds of spirit things.

These were some of the most frightening times of my life.

Ghosts truly are real. They are just different than what people perceive them to be. That’s how I feel.

How do you feel?? Do you believe?

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