THE Greatest Gift

The greatest gift I have ever given… was to myself. It was sobriety. Not because I was forced or coerced or made to give up that DOC (drug of choice) because I can lie and pass drug tests all day long – but because it was time for me to break those ties that not only bind – but actually strangle you to death. You may or may not die from them in human form, but your heart does… and your mind does. Your emotions and mental suffer almost more than the people around you that love you and can’t seem to find the right life preserver to throw out to you and save you… because it doesn’t exist.

The only person who can save you is you. And this Christmas I am urging anyone stuck in the horrifying, debilitating, home wrecking, love sucking, life-taking cycle of addiction to give yourself the greatest gift.

Give yourself your life back and your love back and your family back. It doesn’t matter how many steps you have taken away from them… all you have to do is turn around. I know it is hard and I know it makes you seriously ill… but if it can be done with a week in jail… why not do it on your own time at your own choosing… before you’re stuck behind those glass windows in jail peering out a tiny unfrosted spot in a frosted over window at the real world begging and praying to become a part of it once again.

No matter what you believe, kneel down and ask your creator for a speedy withdrawal and for help feeling better and finding the right path again. I am a sober, living, breathing, walking testament to the fact that this can and has worked.

I love you. No matter what. And I want you to once again love yourself like I love you and get out of the pain and despair of the drug world. It never pays out and doesn’t ever love you back. But you already know that. So, please, take my hand and walk with me as a sober soldier of the light and together we can defeat the darkness.

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