Messages From Beyond the Veil

People ask me all the time how I do what I do or hear what I hear. I would wager to say that they themselves receive the same type of messages that I do, but that they are either too busy to receive them, not paying attention, or they honestly believe sometimes that they are schizophrenic.

I believe that at all times every single person is surrounded by what is referred to as angels and ancestors, your higher self, GOD or spirit guides. However you want to refer to them – they are there. There are 2 basic ways for me to tell you how to try and see and know this for yourself. It requires a few quiet minutes of your time, not in a meditative state but in a responsive and open state of mind.

The first is to sit somewhere in a quiet room and close your eyes. Rest your hands on your legs with your hands facing upwards. Take some purposeful deep breaths down into the bottom of your lungs. Let your body relax and and pay attention to the thoughts that enter your mind. Even song lyrics are significant and I will even go so far as writing what I think at these times down to see the significance it may have later, if not already. After a few deep, down to the bottom of your lungs breaths – you will more than likely feel pressure on one, if not both, hands (Or fingers, mine is usually my thumb).  This is the other side reaching out to you to let you know that they are there. Sometimes I have even let go to the point where my hands were put together and I am holding my own hands which is a beautiful metaphor.

The next thing is something I do when I’m in the shower. While I am already washing my face I take my 2 pointer fingers and place one on each eyelid with my eyes closed. I put very light pressure on my eyelids with my fingers until I start to see the geometric shapes that draw down into a center point. Then there are little “flashes” of light that appear and then there will be tiny spots of color. I refer to the geometric shapes as the crystalline grid and I feel the little flashes of light that essentially “pop” out of it represent all of the angels and ancestors around you. The tiny spots of color are your own aura, I believe.

They also send you messages, like I said, through song lyrics, the television, in the clouds and definitely inside of your own head by whispering in your ear. I realize the hustle and bustle of life these days prevents many from being able to take a second to even recognize their surroundings, let alone notice a message… but I believe that if you do, they will be there and you will know that you are truly never alone and they are there surrounding you, loving you and guiding you always.

I am not religious but consider myself spiritual and prayer is another way that I feel very connected to my own angels and ancestors. I be sure to thank them out loud in all of my prayers and I truly believe that they are grateful for my acknowledgement that they are there and that the messages are indeed getting through.

**One thing to remember is that if you receive a message that is negative IN ANY WAY – THAT is the darkness trying to get through and I advise you to ask your angels and ancestors to shut them out and shut them down immediately. You will never, ever, ever get a negative message from anyone besides the darkness.


“Veil” Photo credit: Youtube


Published on Jan 18, 2017

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