Let me clarify one thing – Thank you Veterans

Although I pray for peace and have strong feelings towards guns and the fact that they seem barbaric to me and no longer needed in our society, I still have absolute respect for those who have fought and died in wars when war was the answer that our country decided was best.

Just because I hope and pray for a time when war is never the answer doesn’t mean that I haven’t understood why we got into them in the first place and what they were essentially fighting for.

I am so grateful for my freedom. And when I say freedom – I mean also the freedom to sit, kneel, stand or bow. Because isn’t that what they were and are fighting for? For people to be able to look, act, and feel how they want as an individual? If something matters very much to someone than people fought for the right for them to protest and make a stand, didn’t they?

Maybe people can disagree about how or when someone chooses to stand up or kneel down for something, but honestly… if they do stand or kneel, regardless of when… isn’t that them exercising their freedom that was fought for to begin with?

I’m just praying that maybe the time to send mass amounts of good people to die for a cause has passed and that there is a better and more peaceful way.

Soldiers and anyone who has joined any branch of the armed forces or military, who are too brave for words, and anyone who has been associated with war are truly heroic and amazingly unselfish and kind. Nothing changes that as far as I’m concerned. So thank you.

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