One of Thousands of Millions of Possibilities

It was all so clear… everything we’ve ever been told was a lie. Maybe to control us. Maybe to save us… but regardless – All lies.

There are thousands of millions of possible futuristic outcomes at any given moment. This is because of “free will.” However, the conscious collective of the planet generally, from spirit messages and intuition, decides which general direction that the planet is going to go and that’s the way it goes.

The following story is one possible scenario that contains too many conspiracy theories to count… but I cannot tell you how vivid and real all of this is in my mind right now.

This is not brought to you to disrupt your peaceful day nor make you panic. It is, however, food for thought and maybe will only ever amount to becoming a movie script… at some point. (wink, wink)


I awoke to a song that I heard at girls camp years ago that states “The lord said to Noah there’s gonna be a floody, floody.” Mixed with some Eminem lyrics “As we move toward a new world order, make me king”.

I sit now in the past, in the oval office watching a panicking president speaking of invasions and widespread panic and fatal solutions and secret meetings.

I’m on board now an alien vessel where the president sits hearing conspiracy theories being thrown at him about an impending doom of this planet and of treaties, technology and weapons and how many other universal things are involved.

Cut now to future earth after “First impact” has long since taken place, where new flags depicting a tree made up of a rainbow colored peace symbol on a pure white background fly.

Cut back to the past where alien technology was exchanged for ??? here on earth. Television and telephone were part of the package and shortly thereafter became “new earthly inventions”…

Cut to present where a girl has a premonition and sees a glimpse of the future and tries to quietly and calmly notify people to be prepared for what is to come…

She tells them that the very technology we were given is how we have been controlled and that with it they are able to essentially spy on us and keep tabs on everything we do and say.

Aluminum and paraben in your deodorant, fluoride in your toothpaste and water, steroids in meat and milk… all things made to keep you weak, sick and asleep.

The girl tells people that something that we humans have done has upset the balance of the universe and that if we don’t fix it soon, they will have no choice but to intervene.

No one listens.

First impact: the earth quakes, the rivers flood, fires burn. Most are without power so the banking systems become obsolete and industry shuts down completely. There’s a panic period of Marshall law and looting before people calm down and realize that we’ll survive better working together. The weapons being used against us are that only seen in movies that include mind control and where you are standing here one moment and the next you are dust.

The government and the extremely elite initially go underground to bunkers built specifically for this situation.

The rest of the population – isn’t so lucky.


There is so much more to this story. Feel free to fill in the blanks.

Will this possibility become a reality?? I’ve been hearing more and more about aliens on the nightly news as if we are being primed and prepped for the truth that is going to be presented as new. But it’s not new. It has been here all along.

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