Dear Wendy, it’s me… GOD (Part 3 – The end’ish)

namaste-picture1I wish that I could say that after meeting God that everything stopped being crazy and I instantly knew what to do and how to do it… but HELL NO. Not the case and not even close. I had some pretty serious and scary moments to come but from where I am sitting now – content and then some and definitely more grateful than I could have ever imagined with my brain functioning at a different level and me being able to see things with new compassionate eyes… My journey has left me absolutely blessed.

I feel now that my journey also has absolute purpose and that I am a warrior of the light and that I matter very much and that I have been given gifts for myself and also gifts to share with others to help as we fight, and win, this war of light and dark. The message that I received could be interpreted by others to mean so many different things. But as my dad told me, it is for me and I feel my perception is what matters the most. I was given so much knowledge along with an out of this world creation story that I couldn’t have been more grateful to receive.

There are a million stories that could come out of what happened and continues to happen in my life and hopefully I will be able to sit down and tell a few… but the most important thing that I would like to share is that you are known and you are loved beyond measure and that even if you don’t know your creator yet, I pray that one day – you will. And then the euphoria will hit you and you will be able to move forward in your life with a new outlook and brighter days. And until then please know that brighter days are coming regardless. Because there is a positive new energy being brought to this planet of peace, compassion, love and light. And that I truly believe.

And that’s the new kind of weirdo I am now. A peace peddling, praying, attempting to be ascended, meditating, tea drinking, fasting, compassionate, enlightened, tree hugging, mother earth loving, CREATOR BELIEVING, speaking words like love, light and balance, weirdo. And I correct myself now when I say “I hate people”. Now I say, “I’m trying not to hate people.”

I have been attacked by the darkness and have come out on the other side; The bright side. Life is beautiful.


**Special thanks to all of those who have been with me on this journey. A special shout out to Mr. Lee High for still acting like you know me in public. To all my kids for never giving up on me. To my daughters Alisha and Kaya and my sons Ty and Tristan who have listened to all my conspiracy theories, nutso manifestations and predictions and yet you guys still answer the phone when I call. And to my dad, Darrell who is the meaning of “blind faith” (I can hear him saying, “It’s not blind…”. I know dad. I know.). I love and appreciate all of my family and friends so much.

Love, light and balance to you all 😉


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