Want your Horoscope? That’ll be $49.99

any-genuine-psychics-out-thereor-are-they-all-just-out-thereOf my spiritual awakening I received so many beautiful gifts… one of them was that my intuition factor went from high to off the charts/psychic’ish. In honing in on this skill I am not practiced enough to be labeled an expert, but still – I got some skills. Unfortunately they, like most of the rest of my life, are mostly inappropriate skills so far.

Here’s just one example: I am sitting in a doctors office getting my brain mapped and I am opening up to the doctor about my new lifestyle and how, “I feel so spiritual and I meditate and do very mindful things of that nature”. He started speaking of a girl in the office next door who had similar spiritual feelings and experiences to mine and I popped off with “Oh, and I also burn Sage.” The girl in the next room he continued to tell me… was named “Sage” and had 3rd degree burns on her body from an accident years ago… Foot in inappropriate intuitive mouth, please!

Regardless, I can channel and cross the veil, I can tell you things about yourself or loved ones or give you suggestions for a life path that suits your spiritual wants and needs… but then comes in the part I struggle with… a lot of people who have these skills are well known and respected – which I would love to be – but they are also PAID. So my big question is this – should I charge people a fee for my readings or give them away as a gift? I mean, I am a firm believer in give and get and paying someone something for a service is how the balance of the world works – but is that why I was bestowed with this gift? To charge people for their horoscope?

I am not saying it is wrong, not by any means,and people work with the skills they are given or learn, but I have asked relentlessly for answers (prayed) and still have not received a clear cut one like I have with every other question I have asked. So for now, it is free. So if you need a murder mystery solved or you just want to speak to your relative who has crossed over, or want your daily horoscope – apparently it is FREE. Until further notice. (Or until I receive my answer, which I patiently wait for.)

I am thinking that this, like all things, is a lesson for me in so many ways… like to shut my ever open mouth sometimes… and definitely a lesson in humility. Everything, literally EVERYTHING in life is such a magical lesson and a blessing and I am honestly so truly grateful for all of this.

Thank you to my creator, the universe, the earth, my family and all fellow life forms.

That’ll be $49.99.

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