Trigger Unhappy


Here’s another unpopular opinion of mine… I don’t like guns. Not only have I had bad experiences with them around me but I truly feel their time in our society has passed and it would be barbaric to continue to move forward acting as if they are a necessity. I may have been around for the declaration of independence in a past life… but even then the need for firearms was iffy. Is there honestly not another way to deal with a fellow human being other than a bullet hole and the life being taken out of them?

I spend a lot of time in my home alone because I work here. I was concerned for a period of time about intruders and someone coming to take Lee’s things, which he places high value on “things” and he worked very, very hard for them so it’s understandable.  I felt responsible to be the keeper of them since I am here. So he started leaving a gun underneath his pillow “just in case” I needed to use it when the intruder came for things.

Being of a highly spiritual nature at this point, I did what I do in all cases when I have questions – I asked. I asked my creator, higher power, higher self, angels and ancestors… all of those on the other side of the veil. I received a very powerful and poignant answer regarding the difference between man-made laws and “God” laws and also perspective and flipping things to suit your needs. What came to me first? Commandments. Particularly “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. Interpretation says he only meant this or that but the statement is fairly clear and absolute to me. It doesn’t say, “…but if someone comes to take your things… you can kill…” It says – you shall not, period.

All of the sudden I had a very clear notion as to what I will do if an intruder does show up. I won’t kill him, that’s for sure. I am under the impression that if they happen to kill me, which statistically for any of this to actually happen and an intruder even having a firearm is highly unlikely, but IF they did… I would kneel down and start praying. And god forbid they take my life, but if they do, then it is not my job to punish them. Not here nor in the after life. The almighty takes care of that and even if they get away with it while still on earth… it will be handled in the hereafter and my only job is to forgive them. Whether I live or die, things taken or not… I am to forgive them…Period.

I realize the other commandments are about not coveting thy neighbor’s goods and not stealing either, but regardless of whether someone else is breaking those, I don’t feel like that makes breaking one OK. The childhood words ring in my ears – two wrongs do not make a right.

Judgement is not mine to make and I feel certain that whoever does bad in this lifetime will be handled in the next, but while we are here, it’s time to stop acting like barbarians running around with firearms shooting things according to man made laws and sport.

We have plenty of other incapacitating weapons and things that can be used to deal with unruly at the moment individuals. I would like someone to develop something along the lines of a sleep serum that you could maybe “shoot” someone with, with a low dose of something not too dangerous that puts them to sleep long enough for them to be dealt with accordingly. But even now we have immobilizing things. And eventually the guns will phase out. I truly believe this. No more innocent people have to die at the hands of a crazed lunatic or even an innocent but curious child. And no one needs to die over “things” either. Because after all, they are just “things”.

When every human starts to value every other life on the planet as much as they value their own, we will transcend into a beautiful new reality with all of that light, love, compassion and balance that I speak of. And it will happen… I know it’s hard to believe, but it will. I’m going to continue to try and do my part… and partly, by not shooting people.

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