I believe in Aliens because TV’s and telephones don’t make sense

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aliens1You can explain the “technology” that makes a television or a telephone (cellular or otherwise) to me all day and night… but it still doesn’t make sense. Not really. Sight and sound travel through devices linked together by wi-fi, cables, power, etc. … GIVE ME A BREAK. None of that makes sense and it never will. But people take it for what it’s worth because that’s what we’ve been told and what we’ve learned not to truly question because we love the technology so much that – why ask why??

The only logical explanation to me is that we’ve been given this technology by our alien families that sit back and wait until we are ready to give us more inventions for us to use. I absolutely believe this and I absolutely believe that some inventions are being planted in people’s minds right now across the world simultaneously just waiting for someone to act on it and make it a reality for this earth dimension.

These new things will solve problems of the world that cause pollution and lack of clean water and power sources that are natural and of and helpful to the earth. Not weapons and not things of war… but things for peace and for the love of gaia.

Mark my words on this one and thank you alien family. We truly appreciate the gifts you have given us and the gifts yet to come.

And I urge people that suddenly have an idea for an invention that is unheard of and seemingly impossible… to consider it possible and move forward with it.

Thank you fellow human for reading my words and for even considering the possibility that there is truth in them.

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